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We assists members and friends of the church in providing for their family and God’s work through trusts, wills, gift annuities, and other special gifts. The conference arranges and pays for the services of an attorney for consultation and document preparation. Family, Wisconsin Conference, Wisconsin Academy, local churches and schools benefit greatly from these arrangements.

Our mission is to help individuals be good stewards by making plans for the future to provide for the needs of their family and the Lords work. In these plans they want to provide for their spouse, their minor or grown children, other individuals, and those charities they wish to benefit.

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Planned Giving and Trust Services personnel meet the requirements of the denomination as certified trust personnel with mandatory annual continuing professional education.

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We continue to hold to the highest standard in the denomination
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“There are channels everywhere through which benevolence may flow.  Needs are constantly arising, missions are handicapped for want of means.  These must be abandoned unless God’s people awake to the true state of things.  Wait not until your death to make your Will, but dispose of your means while you live.”  4T 391


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“Many are not exercised upon the subject of making their wills while they are in apparent health…  They should arrange their property in such a manner that they may leave it at any time.”  CS 328

For any inquiries call the Wisconsin Conference office at 920-484-6555