Consider A Gift Anuity

Consider A Gift Anuity


Would you like to support the Lord’s work in Wisconsin but lack resources?  Charitable Gift Annuities provide an excellent way for you to make your dreams come true and add to your own financial security.  Here’s how it works:


Make an irrevocable transfer of money and/or property to the conference in exchange for a contract promising to pay a specific amount for the life of one or two annuitants.


Distribution rate is based on tables published by the American Council on Gift Annuities.


Easy to establish; no complicated documentation required.


Assets used to fund the gift annuity provide an immediate income tax deduction.


Income payments may generate more useable income than the investments provide.


Capital gains taxes incurred may be allocated over three years after the gift.


A charitable gift annuity can be a way to increase your retirement income.


For any inquiries call the Wisconsin Conference office at 920-484-6555