Who Needs A Will?

Who Needs A Will?


Did you know you won’t die one minute sooner if you make plans to die?

The average person spends 82,000 hours working and accumulating an estate, but less than six hours planning for the conservation and distribution of it.

The time to plan is before accident, illness or retirement.


Without a Will or other estate planning documents, your estate will be distributed in accordance with stat law, which probably won’t provide for the distribution of your assets according to how you would plan it.  It certainly wouldn’t distribute any of your assets to further the work of the Lord!


With a little careful, prayerful planning, you can:

Provide for the distribution of your assets, (Without a Will a large portion of your estate will go for taxes, court fees and other unnecessary settlement fees.)

Name guardians for your minor children, (Without a Will the courts decide who will raise your children when both parents die.)Select your own executor who will assemble and value your assets, file income, estate, and inheritance tax returns, distribute assets (The court will select one if you don’t.) 

Provide gifts to your favorite charities (Conference evangelism, Wisconsin Academy, your local church/school) enabling them to continue the work you have supported during your lifetime.


The Wisconsin Conference Planned Giving Department is designed to guide you through the estate planning process at no cost to you.  Our purpose is to provide estate-planning options for donors who wish to financially support the mission of the Wisconsin Conference.  We can suggest sources of lifetime income to you and your family while providing many asset and estate plan designs to actually help you multiply your estate and thereby magnify your impact on the mission of Christ to seek and save the lost.


For any inquiries call the Wisconsin Conference office at 920-484-6555