Forms & Reports

These forms and reports are for conference employees and church workers including office staff, pastors, teachers, treasurers, clerks, camp staff, etc. Contact the conference office with any questions.

Employee Forms

Ministry Report – Pastor

Ministry Report – Office

Salaried Ministry Report – Office Hourly

Vacation Request – Salaried Employees

Vacation Request – Office Hourly

Ascent to Wholeness Healthcare

Adventist Retirement Plan Docs

Auto Insurance Assist Form (Pastor’s Only)

Treasurer Forms

W-4 Form – Federal

W-4 Form – Wisconsin

I-9 Form

I-9 Instructions

Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change Form

LFE – Employment Form

LFE – Hourly Time Sheet

LFE – Salaried Time Sheet

Church Attendance Reports

Instructions for Recording Attendance

Church/SS Attendance Report

Attendance Slips (Keep on File at Church)

Other Reports/Supplies

Church Clerk Reports

Church Officer-Change Reports

National Servicemen’s Org. Survey

Title Envelopes

Pastor’s Forms & Reports

Coming. Check back later.

Youth Department Forms

Coming. Check back later.

For any inquiries call the Wisconsin Conference office at: 920-484-6555