Family Life Ministries

Family Life Ministries

Family Life Ministries

What We Do…

We believe the Christian home is by far the most powerful evangelizing agency in the world. Family Ministries is dedicated to equipping churches in their work with families. Through seminars, training events, resources, and an accreditation family life leaders program, we extend healing, reconciliation, hope and understanding to home relationships.

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NAD Family Ministries

We provide resources, training, and networking opportunities that will instill hope and bring wholeness to families.

Marriage Encounter

We offer retreats in learning to manage marriage conflict in a meaningful and intentional way.

Mad About Marriage

The Mad About Marriage Seminar is about marriage education, not marriage counseling.

Adventist Singles Ministries

Enabling single adults to create Christ-centered safe places for fellowship, nurture and service.

GC Family

Kids in

Who We Are

Swamidass, Abraham

Janesville District, Family Life Ministries Coordinator

Phone: 608-843-7475
Email: Abraham Swamidass
Church Links: Beloit, Delavan, Woodland Community
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