Prayer Ministries

Prayer Ministries

Prayer Ministries

What We Do…

Prayer Ministries exists to encourage and support individuals in their walk with God. Our mission statement comes from the words of Jesus, “ ought always to pray, and not to faint.” Luke 18:1

Weekly Prayer Line Thursdays at 6:00 pm

Join by calling: 1 (716) 427-1574
Pin: 330917#
Announce yourself as you connect.
See you there!

Ways we can support you:

Join the Thursday Prayer Line.
When your church or school has an event, let us know and we will pray for it.
Presentations on Prayer – Invite Lesa Budd to speak about prayer at your church or school.

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Fog is not fun to be in. Like an unwanted blindness. Doubt is like fog….
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Who We Are

Budd, Lesa

Prayer Ministries Coordinator

Phone: 920-210-5525
Department Link: Prayer Ministries