What We Do…

Like a road system, we aim to connect Adventists across Wisconsin with the work and mission of their church. Our goal is to foster a clearer image of the church’s purpose and activities, encouraging all the be faithful followers of Christ and active members of His church family.


We transport news via quarterly Lamp Letters, monthly eNewsletters, Facebook, this website, posters, booklets and other media vehicles as needed.





Be the first to hear Wisconsin church news. Learn about events in other Adventist churches, upcoming conference events, your church contribution for Wisconsin Budget, inspiring stories, and more!


Lamp Letter

This is a quarterly newsletter mailed to all baptized members of the Wisconsin Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. It contains local news, testimonies, upcoming events, and a variety of communications from conference office personnel.

Our communication tools are dedicated to sharing the ideas, stories, concepts and information which drive the mission of Wisconsin Conference.

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Latest News & Events

The purpose of SAC is the socialization, continuing education, and nurture of Seventh-day Adventists whose careers are in fields of communication.


This 57-page booklet, prepared for the 2022 Constituency Session, shares the accomplishments, expectations, and people who lead the various ministries of our conference.

The Lake Union Herald is a magazine produced by Lake Union Headquarters and serves the Adventist churches within the Illinois, Indiana, Lake Region, Michigan, and Wisconsin conferences.

Find a list of Wisconsin radio stations here.  All stations are locally owned, with the exception of WRAO 91.7 of Wisconsin Rapids which is owned by the Wisconsin Conference. Many stations include 3ABN Radio programming on their channels.

Adventist Church


Learn how to make or update your free church and school websites to be the best they can possibly be! Free help online or by phone.

Camp Lamp


Each June during camp meeting we produce a daily newsletter comprising eight issues sharing stories, camp meeting highlights and Bible enigmas. You can find them all here.!

Adventist News


Adventist news from across the United States and the world: ANN Network; NewsPoints; Hope TV; Life Talk Radio; and more.

Signage Brochures

& Banners

Local Adventist-owned companies for your advertising, marketing, web design, and other graphic needs.

Our Official

Church Logo

Use of the official Seventh-day Adventist logo is important for the church’s visual identity and what it represents.

Tips For

Great Photos

Pictures gab attention and bring a story to life. Learn about lighting, angels, backgrounds, capturing emotion and more.

Writing & Submission


What kind of stories get printed in the Lamp Letter? What are the writing guidelines? When are the deadlines for each issue?

Communication Leader


Need obituary forms? What does a Communication Leader do? How do you write a press release? Can I improve my church bulletin?

Who We Are

For any inquiries call the Wisconsin Conference office at 920-484-6555