What We Do…

The Ministerial Department works to support pastors in ministry in Wisconsin, enhancing the pastor’s ability to serve the local congregation and community. As the pastor’s pastor, the Ministerial director gives encouragement through prayer and counsel. He is also available to train, consult, assist, and recommend good resources.



Pastor training events occur four times a year, twice with professional in-service meetings, and twice for continuing education, communication, and fellowship. The department also serves lay pastors by arranging pastoral mentorship, resources, and training.



The mission of this service is to empower and equip people with the skills necessary to further the kingdom of Christ in the 21st century.

Through technology, these free online training & education resources are available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Find information here supporting and equipping ministerial leaders and their families.
Materials provided on “Unity in Mission: Procedures in Church Reconciliation”



Here are linked all the request forms, applications, and report sheets the pastor is looking for.



Principles and regulations that guide the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church in the fulfillment of its mission.



A monthly journal to deepen spiritual life, develop intellectual strength, and increase pastoral and evangelistic effectiveness

Journal of Adventist

Theological Society

An international journal promoting sound Biblical scholarship.

Who We Are

Case, Adam

Case, Adam

Ministerial Director, Evangelism & Church Planting Coordinator

Phone: 920-484-6555 Ext: 301
Email: Adam Case

For any inquiries call the Wisconsin Conference office at 920-484-6555