Executive Secretary/Treasurer

As Executive Secretary…

He assists the president in leading the membership and keeping the mission of the church before the people. He serves on numerous boards and committees, and directs the keeping of minutes, policies, and resolutions. The executive secretary also works closely with the president in preparation for special meetings, convocations, and constituency sessions. He ensures that the conference and its employees abide by all constitutions and bylaws.


As Treasurer…

He keeps records of conference finances, formulates the yearly budget, and directs general accounting, auditing, and risk management services. He also provides training and support for local church and school treasurers. The treasurer also serves on numerous boards and committees of the conference.

0 Church Members
Our sisterhood of churches in North America consists of 1,243,316 members
0 Congregations
We have 62 churches, 14 companies, and 5 mission groups
0 Schools
Seven elementary, two K-10, one boarding academy



Allow you to give your tithes and offerings automatically on a schedule that you set up.



Weekly offering appeal readings for the year in English and Spanish.



Updated guidelines for church operations.


Sunset Calendar

Track when Sabbath begins, and how weekly offerings are used.

Employee Forms and Reports

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Who We Are

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