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How Has God Blessed You? 

When I was pastoring a local congregation, a question was presented to me that shook my pastoral world!   Are you ready for this?  The question simply stated, “If your church was uprooted tomorrow, would anyone in the community notice?” 
Hopefully your answer to this question would be a simple yet emphatic, YES!  I wasn’t so sure.   Many of our members lived more than 45 minutes away and were not a part of that community.  It became a strong desire of mine to become more prevalent in our local community.  Long story short, we were one of the few churches in the area that open land, and we were surrounded by houses with children to the north, south, east and west of our church.  As a result we began a sports program for the youth in the area.  We always held Adventurers right after sports which also proved to be advantageous.  In a matter of months, we had a large number of community kids, parents, grandparents and friends spending time on our field.  It was a wonderful way to make connections and serve our community.  At that point, I could finally answer “Yes”, these kids would miss us! 
This holiday season, I want to challenge you to think of the ways in which God has blessed you with opportunities to serve!  Perhaps your church is located near a public institution.  Maybe you have connections with a food bank or other ministries.  In addition to the church’s opportunities for service, what opportunities has God given you individually?  The name of Jesus is being talked about this Christmas season.  Why not look for opportunities to share the hope that we have with all we come in contact with?!