Walk for Life


Walk for Life

Between January 1 and June 30, 2019, join us in walking around the world (24,901.5 miles) as a part of the Walk for Life program. Our goal this year is to circle the earth five times – 124,507.5 miles!

It’s easy to begin. Start walking. Track your miles. Turn in your miles to your local church health ministries coordinator, or submit online by clicking the “Submit Miles” button. Enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. Invite a family member or friend to join you.

All January through June miles must be reported by July 10 to be counted toward awards.

For more information, email Health Ministries Coordinator Karen Flanagan.

For an update of how many miles are submitted for your church, call the conference office health ministries at 920-484-6555, ext. 302.

Here’s how far we’ve walked in recent years:



2018              95,159.56

2017            133,694.58

2016            126,178.66

2015              52,097.00

2014              42,940.60

2013              27,724.50

2012              34,185.00

2011              45,000.00+


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