Wisconsin Budget


Conference Family,

We are well into the New Year and winter is certainly flexing its muscles as of this writing. In spite of the cold and snow around us I pray that our churches are warm and inviting as we seek to share the love of Jesus with those around us.

The final figures for 2018 are in for Tithe and Wisconsin Budget. I am thankful to report that we ended the year with a tithe increase of 3.02% for the year. A substantial one-time gift of tithe helped to bolster what would have been a gain of about 0.5%. This was an appreciated boost needed to keep up with ever growing expenses.

Wisconsin Budget also ended the year with a strong December showing a 7.97% increase for the month and giving us an annual increase over 2017 of 2.24%. Many thanks to all of you whom are so faithful in the support of your church here in Wisconsin

I am happy to report that Elder Tom Michalski, our newly hired conference evangelist is busy planning his schedule of meetings over the next couple of years. His 1st meeting is slated to begin the 2nd half of March 2019. We look forward to what God can do through his ministry.

We continue to solicit your prayers as we look forward to the challenges and opportunities of a new year.

May God bless you as you contemplate what He can do through you in this sacred work of spreading the everlasting gospel.

God bless,

Brian Stephan, Executive Secretary/Treasurer