Thom Foll

Lay Pastor for Watertown Church

Thom Foll, was born in Merrill, Wisconsin. He is the son of Pastor Merlin and Merelle Foll. Thom attended Pacific Union College, taking Theology and Fine Art. He has been the Lay Pastor of the Watertown Seventh-day Adventist Church since 2013.

Thom says, “I took Theology because I love to study God’s Word, but when I was an assistant pastor for a summer during school, I was terrified of public speaking. The good Lord has worked with me on that!  And now I don’t get nervous up front.

I am a part-time pastor and own a graphic design and printing business, which I have been blessed with for 15 years. When I have some free time, I enjoy doing activities with my wife and two daughters, vegetable and fruit gardening, running, cycling, cross country skiing, and my latest sport, disc golf, that some friends from church got me into. I really enjoy serving the people of Watertown. Our mission statement is Growing Godly Families, and the Lord has blessed us with many young families and many others that are a family of one.

Morning Prayer Time Schedule

Sabbath Introduction to Prayer Ministry

Sunday Live in Trust – Surrender Fear

Monday Live in Humility – Surrender Pride

Tuesday Live in Forgiveness – Surrender Bitterness

Wednesday Live in Obedience – Surrender Rebellion

Thursday Live in Respect – Surrender Abuse

Friday Live in Purity – Surrender Immorality

Sabbath Live in Sincerity – Surrender Hypocrisy