Madison East Church Launches New Community Outreach

Madison East Church Launches New Community Outreach

You don’t have to look too far in most communities to see someone who is unhoused, hungry, or otherwise in need of help. We also are surrounded by people who haven’t yet heard of or accepted Christ.

When Mia Erdman, a member of the Madison East Seventh-day Adventist Church, became a new mom and made the decision to stay home with her baby, she wanted to find a way to give back to her community and connect deeper with her church family. Being impressed with the needs she saw in Madison, she initiated a meeting with the outreach committee, to brainstorm ways of helping locally.

While the ultimate goal is to introduce individuals to Jesus, the Outreach Committee also recognizes the importance of meeting basic needs and forming connections with others. So, a plan to provide a monthly breakfast for the most impacted areas of Madison was made. Previously, Madison East had been making meals for the local housing support center, The Beacon. However, changes to the requirements for meal preparation made this no longer a feasible opportunity.

Mia, along with Lydia Westfall, and Christine DeValle, planned the first official Breakfast Club. The church was asked to contribute granola bars and lip balm, which were supplemented with bottled water, fresh fruit, and a religious tract. The items were then distributed on September 18, all over downtown Madison. Many church members also participated and offered conversation, prayer, and encouragement to those we encountered. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! Some individuals immediately began eating their food, others asked for prayer, and some had questions about our faith.

The Breakfast Club will continue meeting the third Sunday morning of each month, with a rotating menu and location. Please pray for this new endeavor!

Lydia Westfall, Madison East member