Camp Meeting 2016

Mike Edge
Wisconsin Conference, President
7:00 pm Sunday “Audacious Prayer” Video




Jerry Page
General Conference Ministerial Director
7:00 pm Friday “”Spiritual Breakthroughs” Video
11:00 am Sabbath “Unleashing God’s Power” Video
7:00 pm Sabbath “Thriving Relationships” Video



Mike Tucker
Faith for Today Speaker/Director
7:00 pm Friday “God, Our Neighbor” Video
11:00 am Sabbath “God, Our Servant” Video
7:00 am Sabbath “God, Our Forgiveness” Video



Maurice Valentine
Lake Union Executive President
7:00 pm Monday “A Heart for Victory” Video
7:00 pm Tuesday “The Attitude of Victory” Video
7:00 pm Wednesday “The Way Toward Victory” Video
                                7:00 pm Thursday “The Purpose of Victory” Video


Barbara O’Neill
Misty Mountain Health Director
11:00 am Monday “Gut Health, Chronic Fatigue & IBS” Video
11:00 am Tuesday “Child Nutrition” Video
11:00 am Wednesday “Acid & Alkaline Balance in the Body Video
                                11:00 am Thursday “Is This the Fast I Have Chosen?” Video
                                11:00 am Friday “The Brain – Frontal Lobe” Video
                                2:00 pm Sunday “DNA & The True Cause of Disease” Video
                                2:00 pm Monday “The Body’s Great Project Manager” Video
                                2:00 pm Tuesday “Hormones & Sexual Health” Video
                                2:00 pm Wednesday “Is Fat Really Making us Fat?” Video
                                2:00 pm Thursday “Diabetes & Weight loss” Video
                                2:00 pm Friday “The Laws of the Mind” Video



Sung Kwon         
North American Division Adventist Community Services Director
9:30 am Monday “Theological & Biblical Concepts of Holistic Ministry” Video
9:30 am Tuesday “Community Assessment & Program Development” Video
                                9:30 am Wednesday “Performance Measurement of Effective Ministry” Video
                                9:30 am Thursday”The Leadership in Cultural Intelligence” Video
                                9:30 am Friday “The Leadership & Team Development” Video
                                4:00 pm Monday “Theological & Biblical Concepts of Holistic Ministry” Video
                                4:00 pm Tuesday “Community Assessment & Program Development” Video
                                4:00 pm Wednesday “Performance Measurement of Effective Ministry” Video
                                4:00 pm Thursday”The Leadership in Cultural Intelligence” Video

                                4:00 pm Friday”The Leadership in Cultural Intelligence” Video


Tom Michalski
Wisconsin Rapids District Pastor
6:30 am Sabbath Video
6:30 am Sunday Video


Joseph Pericellia
Stephens Point District Pastor
6:30 am Video
6:30 am Video
6:30 am Video


Rodney Palmer
Racine District Pastor
6:30 am Monday Video
6:30 am Tuesday Video


Titus Naftanaila
Madison East District Pastor
6:30 am Friday Video

6:30 am Sabbath Video