Women’s Ministries

What We Do…

We seek to assist local church women’s ministries leaders by providing counsel, leadership training, and resource materials. We also support and encourage local church women’s retreats, one-day seminars, prayer groups, and other programs for women. There are two conference-wide women’s retreats offered each year. One retreat is for English-speaking women if all nationalities. The second retreat is designed especially for Spanish speaking women.



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SPEAKERS: Tamyra Horst, Dr. Sandra Dorn, Dr. Hyveth Williams

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NAD Women’s


This site provides resources for women to deepen their faith and opportunities for wider service.

Women of Spirit


This web site is an archive of material to stimulate spiritual vitality, to nurture emotional growth, balanced healthy living, and a dynamic Christian witness.

Women’s Retreat


A committee of Wisconsin Adventist women plan a yearly women’s retreat for spiritual renewal, fellowship, and support.

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For any inquiries call the Wisconsin Conference office at 920-484-6555