Health Expo Materials

Materials and Rental Information


Any Wisconsin Conference church or school may rent the complete Adventist Health Expo kit for $250, with a $750 refundable deposit. Reserve this kit through the Wisconsin Conference office.


   *  Beginning and ending rental reservation dates will be made ahead of time through the Health Ministries Department.

   *  All rented items used will be checked out and initialed by the rental party with a person from the Health Ministries Department.

   *  Rent and a deposit check of $1,000 will be made out to the Wisconsin Conference.

   *  Items will be picked up by the church or school renting.

   *  All rented items will be returned to the Conference Office, checked in and initialed by both rental party and Health Ministries personnel.

   *  If all items are returned and in good repair, a $750 deposit check will be written back to the rental party from the Treasury.

   *  No partial rentals will be available.

   *  All consumables are the responsibility of the rental party.