Wakonda on Wheels Continues Bringing Camp to Wisconsin Churches

Wakonda on Wheels Continues Bringing Camp to Wisconsin Churches

WOW! Yes, that’s it! WOW!

We have been hearing this a lot lately while traveling the state with our new Wakonda On Wheels program! It’s not easy, and carries many more challenges than anticipated, but at the end of each day when young people fall asleep in their parent’s cars after a day at Camp WOW, we feel like we accomplished something! Many of our young people go home telling their parents about silly stories we are learning, silly songs we are singing, and then showing all the amazing things we are making!

While this time and program will never fully replace camp, we are glad that it is something that can be a positive outlet and a somewhat normal slice of summer for our youth.

We have hired four young people, senior camp staff, this summer and between the six of us we have been able to provide quality programming while doing our best to maintain social distance and at the end of each day, sanitize all our supplies and major touch points in the churches we are at.

This week we find ourselves in Sheboygan and with a group of young people that love Jesus and show us His love each day! These young people have done anything from play games, to shoot a bow and arrow, drive a Traxxis RC car, make slime, tie-dye, and many more activities that we often do at camp. However, no matter the amount of activities we provide and share, the real blessing and ministry comes in time with these young people talking, joking, and just being. I have seen my staff reach out to many young people in ways that show me Jesus lives in their hearts, and I pray that at the end of the day our campers see that as well! It is our goal to always show, share, and uplift Jesus to everyone we meet!

No matter what is happening in our world, I hope that you too can share Jesus with a young person in a simple, personal, and sincere way!

If you have any interest in helping with funding, supplies, or even time during our traveling summer camp. We welcome you to join in our youth evangelism. Contact me asap!

Our next stop is:

Waukesha July 20-24
Madison July 27-31
And finally, Lena August 3-7

As always, we are here to be a blessing, so do not hesitate to contact us if we can serve you in any way!

-Pastor Eric, Youth Director