Take Hold of God’s Hand Through Prayer

Take Hold of God’s Hand Through Prayer

As we start off in a brand new year 2024… Let’s start off right by taking hold of God’s hand through our prayers.

The process is so simple most of us don’t seem to think it’s worth that much or worth our time! “Just talk to Him? Way too simple.” But just like in the Garden of Eden it was a very simple test: Don’t eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. And though it was such a simple test Adam and Eve failed thinking, “It can’t be THAT much of a test to warrant a death sentence! Way too easy a test from the Creator of the Universe.” And simple though it was, the results were huge…and long lasting.

Now here we are at 2024 and the simple request from God this time is that His people talk with Him.
As child to Father.
As friend to Friend.
As student to Teacher.
As subject to King.
As disciple to Master.
As sinner to Saviour.

Kick off the new year by joining the 10 Days of Prayer which we will be hosting on our Prayer Line*. Nightly from January 10-19, 2024 at 6:00pm. Sabbath, January 20th ends the official Ten Days of Prayer with personal, reflection and praise thanking God for hearing our prayers and answering as He sees best. (No Prayer Line open on the 20th.)

Call: 1 (716) 427-1574
Pin: 330917#

Announce yourself as you connect.
*To join the Wisconsin Conference group.

Continue in prayer with us throughout the year during our Weekly Prayer Time, Thursdays at 6:00 pm using the same number.

May 2024 be the year the Adventist people of Wisconsin decide to pray and not stop until God gifts us with the Holy Spirit!

Never forget the formula: H²C=L
(Two Hearts Connecting Equals Love)

Start connecting today!


Lesa Budd, Prayer Ministries Coordinator