Resurrection Morning

Resurrection Morning

Gloria Wilde loves to write and share poetry. This poem was written on an Easter Sunday morning, during her devotional time.

So still, the Savior’s body lies,

Cold stone supports His wounded head;

Vast universe in hushed suspense –

God’s Sacrificial-Lamb is DEAD!


The grieving angels hover near –

They cannot bear to be apart

From One who loved a world so much

It finally broke His tender heart!


Religious leaders toss and turn

On beds of self-condemning guilt;

Their nagging conscience can’t erase

The Sinless One whose blood they spilt!


The darkest hours slowly pass

Before appointed dawn will break;

The Roman soldiers guard the tomb

And struggle hard to stay awake!



Then suddenly, a thrilling sight –

A mighty angel from on High

Comes blazing down the corridor

Of pre-dawn, Sunday-morning sky!


A piercing shout and then a stir

As graveclothes shed onto the floor,

And next, oh wonder of it all –

Death’s Victor stands in open door!


The message of that awesome day

Through ages, helps each sinner cope:

Recalling Resurrection Morn

Gives ev’ry fainting soul new HOPE!


– Gloria Wilde, Green Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church