Working at Holbrook Indian School
Working at Holbrook Indian School

Joyful Service: Wisconsin Academy Seniors Serve at Holbrook Indian School

The Class of 2024 traveled to Arizona for their recent class trip and enjoyed serving

Education May 9, 2024

Each year the Senior Class of Wisconsin Academy (WA) chooses as service project to participate in as part of their class trip. The Class of 2024 chose to travel to Arizona and work at the Holbrook Indian School. Their project? Clean out and refill the horse stalls!

Although this was a tough and dirty job, the report, shared from the Holbrook School Facebook Page says that the WA students were joyful workers.

Quote from the Holbrook Indian School Facebook Page on April 26, 2024:

“This week, we were blessed to have a mission group of 20 seniors and sponsors from Wisconsin Academy visit HIS to help fill our horse stalls.

The purpose of this project was to raise the floors of our stalls so that we could place mats inside and make the stalls level with the barn’s structure, thus making it easier and safer for our horses to get in and out of their stalls.

The group worked hard and fast to haul dirt from our gully and then fill the stalls about 4 inches with compacted dirt. Next, they filled each stall with approximately 2 inches of decomposed granite and ran the compactor over that layer as well. Now the stalls are all set for mats and pine shavings!

We are very grateful for Wisconsin Academy sending out a group of their seniors to help us with this much-needed project. We were very impressed with their eagerness and incredible work ethic. They worked well as a team, and were very joyful about it, too!”

Following their time at Holbrook, the seniors were able to do a little sight seeing in the Grand Canyon as well as the Sedona and Phoenix areas. On their final day, the class helped to paint a mural at Key Campus, human service center serving the homeless community in Maricopa County, AZ.

We’re thankful for the dedication of the staff at Wisconsin Academy for instilling the value of service to others in the students that come through their doors.

Laurella Case, Communication Coordinator

Photo credits: Holbrook Indian School; Last 2 photos: Joshua Case