Family Life Ministries: Marriage, Parenting and Aging Joyfully

Family Life Ministries: Marriage, Parenting and Aging Joyfully

We hope you enjoy these articles about marriage, parenting and aging:

Having kids changes your relationship. Maybe you’ve been regaled with stories from friends and family, have experienced it yourself, or are in the thick of it now. Sure, there are some negative aspects, and those are definitely a reality for many couples at some point in time. But there are a lot of positives, too. On the Prepare-Enrich blog (HERE) they  explore how parenting brings you closer.

How to Get Your Kids to Listen and Obey. Being attuned to our children’s capability and mental state can help us to understand when we should be asking, what we should be asking, and how we should be asking. This practical article (HERE) from the Institute for Family Studies shares twelve strategies and two principles for parents.

Aging is inevitable, so why not do it joyfully? Here’s how (CLICK). Our goal shouldn’t be to cling to youth as we get older, but to keep our joy alive by tending our inner child throughout our days while also nurturing our connection to the changing world. In doing so, we balance wisdom with wonder, confidence with curiosity and depth with delight.


Abraham Swamidass, Family Life Ministries Coordinator