Family Life: Finding Balance, Improving Empathy and More

Family Life: Finding Balance, Improving Empathy and More

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Balancing Family and Career for the Young Professional Pursuing Both. Perhaps rather than busyness, we should value balance. And balance demands priorities. Whether it’s a balanced diet or a balanced work-home life, it all comes down to us–and the power of choices. Garrick Conner, writing (Click HERE) for Family Life, provides simple ideas on how to maintain a healthy balance in life and work.

Five exercises to help you build more empathy. Empathy — or understanding the thoughts and feelings of the people around us — is one of the most important and most trying parts of being social creatures. But what exactly is empathy? And crucially, can we have more? A good article (Click HERE) from

How the Internet Changed Marital Intimacy. Naomi Schaefer Riley, writing for the Institute of Family Studies (IFS) says that “By enabling people to more easily find sexual partners without any kind of emotional connection, the internet has also helped to undermine real relationships.” An interesting article (Click HERE) worth reading, and sharing.


Abraham Swamidass, Family Life Ministries Coordinator