Outdoor Education Report With Over 150 Pictures

Outdoor Education Report With Over 150 Pictures

Fifth and Sixth grade students from nine Adventist schools across Wisconsin came together at Camp Wakonda for our annual Outdoor School September 8-10. The excited young people piled out of vehicles and quickly settled in the lodges. For students to experience all the hands-on learning activities students were divided into five groups led by Pastors and sponsors.

Teachers and volunteers led out in the classes and activities over the three days.  Students dissected owl pellets, learned how to read a compass, made solar ovens, completed the Seed honor, participated in team building exercises, worked in partners on science experiments and much more.

For morning and evening worships, Pastor Zack Payne and his wife Allison led out in fun songs, praising Jesus.  Pastor Fetrick, Pastor Nelson, Pastor Payne, and Pastor Spady led out in some inspiring devotions relating to the Outdoor School theme, “Connected Firmly to Jesus.”

The students enjoyed s’mores around the campfire, team activities each day, and fun group games at night. A big thank you to the sponsors, teachers, and pastors who came to help at Outdoor School this year.

The goals of Outdoor School are to get young people out in nature and connect closer to Jesus, our Creator, and make new friendships with other students around the conference.

Sue Nelson, Superintendent for Education