Eric Anderson – What Serving As Lay Pastor Means to Me

Eric Anderson – What Serving As Lay Pastor Means to Me

First and foremost, I feel that being given this opportunity to serve as a lay pastor has really enriched my walk with God in really meaningful ways. It has given me opportunities to serve God and my church in deeper ways than I have ever been able to do before.

Serving as lay pastor has driven me much deeper into Gods word by the very nature of the duties that come with the job. I went from preaching to my local church once a quarter to preaching twice a month. I really need to stay in the Bible a lot more in order to be able to break the bread of life that often. Visiting and praying with members has really warmed my heart in ways I had not expected.

On a practical side, serving as lay pastor has also been teaching me better time management skills. I have a full time job and a young family in addition to writing two sermons a month and every other duty that God brings into my path. God has been helping me see what the most important things in life are and helping me get rid of the satanic distractions that our lives are laden with. Little by little God is drawing me further out of the world and further and further into His loving embrace.

When the stress of balancing all of these things seems to get overwhelming, the Lord has been providing. I have seen huge answers to prayer in highly unexpected and wonderful ways. Even though Satan tries his hardest to derail us, dishearten us, and distract us, God is still in control. God continually protects us and provides for those who abide in Him and His Word.

Eric Anderson, Lay Pastor for Wautoma Seventh-day Adventist Company


Note: The Volunteer Lay Pastor (VLP) training program of the Wisconsin Conference is held three times per year to train and equip recommended persons to potentially serve as a volunteer pastor where and when needed in our conference. Click here for an outline of this program. The next VLP Cohort is Nov 6-8, 2020. To learn more, contact your local pastor and/or the Wisconsin Conference Personal Ministries Coordinator, Titus Naftanaila.