Outline of Volunteer Lay-Pastor Training Program



The Volunteer Lay Pastor Training Program of the Wisconsin Conference is held three times per year to train and equip recommended persons to potentially serve as a volunteer pastor where and when needed in our Conference. Below is an outline of this program. To learn more, contact your local pastor.


Goal of the Program

That each participant learn…
>The joy of servant leadership
>The Christian power of influence
>Team ministry
>To view mission in a global context
>To be a lay pastor of a congregation

That each participant develop…
Adequate skills for a variety of ministry situations
>A vision for mentoring and training others
>A passion for their own unique ministry gifts

Program Outline

>Classes are held in a seminar format
>Class time is spent in intensives with most of the class work being conducted during the intensive
>Weekend intensives at the Conference Office are held three times per year (February, May & November) beginning Friday night at 7:00 pm and ending at noon on Sunday


>Participate in a mentoring relationship with your district pastor (recommendation required)
>Complete 2.) CEO’s annually
>The conference utilizes the Adventist Learning Community ALC to monitor this process

Core Areas

>Church Leadership and Administration
>Discipleship and Church Growth
>Preaching and Worship
>Conflict Prevention and Resolution
>Ethics and Accountability
>Theological Development
>Personal Development

District Pastor Participation

>You must be recommended by your district pastor to join the program
>You must work carefully and respectfully with your district pastor
>You are part of the ministry team
>You need to be a learner and a supporter of ministry even if you know how to do a particular ministry better than your pastor