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Learning the Joy of Service

Hillside student coloring wih elderly at local nursing home.


My husband, Jody Marsh, and I have been teaching at Hillside Christian School in Wausau, WI, for 25 years. Over the years, we have had as few as 5 students and as many as 13 students. Our enrollment may fluctuate from year to year, but the support of the church members of The Shepherd’s House never wavers. Church members support the school in many ways. The main way is that they subsidize the school. If they did not, tuition would be too high for almost anyone to pay. Church members support the school in many other smaller ways. Each week time and money are donated to provide students with a free, hot, and delicious lunch. Members help transport students to their weekly Bible Labs and other fieldtrips. Occasionally, church members bring little gifts or treats to the students. They faithfully attend school programs. This shows students the church cares about them and supports them.

Teaching the joy of service is important at Hillside. Once a month, students visit a HeadStart classroom to read to them and do a project together. Working with the younger HeadStart students encourages the lower grade Hillside students by showing how much they have grown in reading skills. Doing projects with younger students teaches Hillside students patience. It is great to see our students work so well with their young partners. We also visit a local nursing home once a month. Students color or put together a puzzle with the residents and chat with them. It is interesting to hear their stories. After finding out we were from the Adventist school, one woman shared with us that her parents were Adventist missionaries in South America.

Our pastor, Tom Michalski, is involved with students by having worship for us once a week. He also has a Bible study class for older students and offers free guitar lessons to any student who is interested.

We believe in getting students involved in the church service. Many students are involved in the praise team. Almost every Sabbath, a different student reads the scripture. For part of music class, students learn to play hand chimes. We play special music in church about once a month.

Because of the faithful support of our local church and the Wisconsin Conference, Hillside Christian School is able to lead students closer to Jesus.

Charlyn Marsh, Principal Hillside Christian School

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