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Feature:  God Was Our Realitor

By: Titus Naftanalia
David and Noi Lopez, members of the Madison Community Adventist Church, are pictured above with their daughter, Dara Rasami Lopez Sinouthasy. David works for the state of Wisconsin, and Noi works as a full time mother. They recently moved to the Madison area from Florida.
Our pastor, Abraham Swamidass, preached a sermon about how all the riches belong to God and what would we do if God entrusted us with additional resources.
During this time unfortunate events forced us to sell our house in a hurry. My wife and I talked about Pastor Swamidass’ sermon and decided that we would make God our partner.

We prayed about the house and came up with a specific amount we needed in order to pay our debt and prepare for the uncertain future that we were going to face. We promised God to return to Him any amount over the part that we needed to pay our bills.

We could not afford to put money into fixing the house or work with a realtor. The house was in reasonable condition and we put it on the market in July 2014. Shortly after we listed our house, we found out that two of our neighbors were planning to sell their houses; their houses are nicer. We prayed about it and let God be our realtor. We had a few showings but no offers.

In August 2014, we received a very low offer. Accepting the offer would’ve meant that there would be no money left for the church other than tithing. My wife said, “What if it is the only offer we get?” I reassured her that our prayers would be answered. I was equally worried, but we decided that we would remain firm on our trust in God.

In September 2014, we accepted an offer for the price we had in mind. The accepted offer met our needs and left more than twice what tithing would have been for the church. The day after we accepted the offer, a neighbor put his house on the market. If this had taken place just a few days before we would have lost the sale to our neighbor.

Accepting an offer that met our needs and request would have been a great end to the story, but God had more in store for us. A couple of weeks later, the buyer made a counter offer to their original offer. The buyer wanted to offer us more money for our house. We were surprised, but gladly accepted the new offer from the same buyer.

The new offer not only helped us, but also helped our neighbors. By increasing the sale price of our house, our neighbors were able to ask for more money for their houses, and we were able to give more to God.

We were reassured of something we already knew. God is faithful and his promises are eternal. We still face an uncertain future, but we trust that God will continue to provide for us.

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