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Feature: Wisconsin Confrence 2014 Constituency Session

The Wisconsin Conference Office building located in Fall River, Wisconsin.
On October 5, 2014, Wisconsin Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will hold its quadrennial constituency session at the Wisconsin Academy Church. The following is an interview with Conference President Mike Edge, regarding this upcoming session.

Lamp Letter: What is a constituency session?

Edge: A constituency session is a meeting of delegates from every church in our conference. These delegates gather to: evaluate and vote the priorities, goals, and major initiatives of the conference, vote the organizing and disbanding of churches, and elect conference officers and departmental directors. Delegates may speak to the items presented, and their input helps shape the direction of the conference for the next four years.

Lamp Letter: What are some of the items that will be presented?

Edge: Statistical and financial reports covering the past four years will be shared. The Wisconsin Academy principal will give a report on current issues. The delegates will be voting on the proposed conference goals for the next four years. Also a presentation and recommendations will be made regarding the needed new sewer system for
Wisconsin Academy.

Lamp Letter: How are delegates chosen?

Edge: Each Wisconsin Adventist church elects one or more delegates, based on membership, from among their own church members to attend. Each individual is chosen to speak for and vote on behalf of not only their local church, but for all Wisconsin members. These delegates are known at the session as regular delegates, and have the right to speak and vote.

Lamp Letter: Who else attends the session?

Edge: All conference credentialed and licensed employees, such as pastors, teachers, and all members of the Wisconsin Conference executive committee may attend. A limited number of Lake Union Conference executive committee, North American Division, and General Conference Executive Committee members are also invited. These delegates, known as delegates-at-large, serve due to their position and responsibilities. They are also voting members.

Lamp Letter: Can anyone attend the session?

Edge: Yes, anyone may attend, but only delegates have voice and vote at the session.

Lamp Letter: Who are the delegates this year?

Edge: You will find a list of over 300 delegates elected to serve at this session on the Wisconsin Conference website constituency delegate page.

Lamp Letter: How are the conference officers and departmental directors chosen?

Edge: The Wisconsin Conference Nominating Committee, elected at our last constituency meeting, evaluates the current officers and directors and nominates a slate of candidates to be considered for service over the next four years. This happens a few weeks prior to the October constituency session. The Lake Union Conference
president, Don Livesay, chairs the meeting. Unlike the current political process, no campaigning is done. One name for each position is presented at the session. It is the responsibility of the delegates to vote the recommendation of each individual nominated, or to ask the nominating committee to come back with another name for that position. This Nominating Committee also nominates the members of our Wisconsin Executive Committee, and the Constitution and By-laws Committee, for the delegates approval.

Lamp Letter: How can I be involved if I am not able to attend the session?

Edge: Each member of the Wisconsin Conference has the privilege of sharing their
thoughts with their own church-elected delegates prior to the constituency session. More importantly, however, is that each of us prays for the Holy Spirit to fill the delegates and that every aspect of the meeting will be blessed by God’s leading.

Click here to view the administration and department leaders report booklet.To visit with someone regarding the upcoming constituency session, President Mike Edge or Treasurer Brian Stephan may be contacted at 920-484-6555.
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