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Journey to Bethlehem: A Free Live Nativity


The Journey to Bethlehem is a live, dramatic retelling of the birth of Jesus. On a short walk, you will experience the bustling Jerusalem marketplace, the song of angels on the Bethlehem hillsides, the crowded inn, the observatory of the Magi, and the simplicity of the stable where the newborn Savior sleeps.

Tours begin every 10 minutes between 5:00 and 8:00 pm, December 9 and 10, on the campus of Wisconsin Academy, N2355 DuBorg Rd. Columbus, WI.

Journeys are first-come, first-served, but you may reserve a time by calling (920) 350-9428. Dress warmly. The marketplace is indoors, but some of your journey will be outdoors.

The Journey is free of charge. We hope you will take the time to come and enjoy this event with family and friends. It has been a family tradition since 1998. If you have questions, contact us at (920) 623-3300, or email us at marketing@wisacad.org.

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