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Feature: Wisconsin Conference 2014 Constituency Session

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The 36th Constituency Session of the Wisconsin Conference of Seventh-day Adventists convened at 10:00 a.m. on October 5, 2014, at Wisconsin Academy Church in Columbus, Wisconsin.
Mike Edge, president of the Wisconsin Conference, shared in the morning devotional that of the 5.7 million people living in Wisconsin, 7,531 are Seventh-day Adventists. That means there is one Adventist for every 763 people in Wisconsin. "We live in a mission field," said President Edge, "and we are called to shine for Christ in this dark world."
Brian Stephan, executive secretary/treasurer of the Wisconsin Conference shared a financial report emphasizing although we are on a tight budget, members have been extremely faithful and generous with the Wisconsin Budget and World Mission offerings.
Roger Dunder, Wisconsin Academy Principal spoke to the many changes at the school including faculty, enrollment, finances and academics. While finances continue to be a challenge, major steps are being taken to place the school on solid ground. There are currently 88 students at the academy. "God has blessed us, and I've seen many miracles happen here recently," said Principal Dunder.
Jerry and Michelle Martin, shared the mission, needs and progress of the Wisconsin Academy farm, and Lighthouse Thrift Store. The store sales continue to increase. The store needs include walls to close in the store portion of the warehouse before winter, repairs to the roof, and more donated items to sell in the store. The farm is in need of a larger tractor and another high-tunnel in which to plant raspberries.
Floyd Brock and Brian Stephan gave an update on the need for a new septic system at Wisconsin Academy. The current system was built in 1947, and is the only system of its kind still in existence in Wisconsin. The Department of Natural Resources is requiring we have the system replaced within five years. Several options are currently being looked at including building our own system onsite, or hooking-up to the city of Columbus utilities. When sufficient information comes in, and if a loan of over 7% of the current net tithe is needed, another constituency session will be called to make a decision.
New goals were voted for this next quadrennial as follows:
(Also see Mission, Vision, & Core Values)

1,200 baptisms
8,000 members
20% attendance growth
100 student increase
4 new K-10 schools
8 new church plants
The five current administrative officers and department directors re-elected to serve for another four-year term are: Mike Edge, president; Brian Stephan, executive secretary/treasurer; Juanita Edge; communication director; Greg Taylor, youth director; James Fox, ministerial director; and Linda Rosen, Education Superintendent.

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