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Feature: Pastor Nate Skaife to be Ordained May 2, 2015

Pastor Nate will be ordained on Sabbath, May 2 at 2:30 pm in the Waukesha Community Seventh-day Adventist Church. Please consider attending to showing your support for him and celebrate God’s leading in his life and ministry. The Waukesha Church’s address is: 21380 W. Cleveland Ave. New Berlin WI 53146. There will be refreshments after the service.
I grew up going to a Lutheran church with my family in Janesville, WI. Like many young people, I strayed from church in my teenage years and early twenties.

A time came in my life that decided that I needed to have God in my life. I started attending many different churches looking for one that was consistent in their beliefs and followed the Bible as the basis of their faith. After attending many churches in different denominations, I temporarily gave up seeking God because I was not comfortable with non biblical teachings or how they conducted themselves during the worship services.

One day, a friend of a friend asked me if I would be interested in attending her church. I said that I was willing to check it out. She then told me that they worship on Saturday and gave me the name of the church, address, and the start time. I enjoyed coming to the Janesville, Seventh-day Adventist Church because of the biblically based sermons and the fellowship that came with it. Immediately, I started using my construction background to help maintain the church and it’s grounds. I was baptized later that year in 2002.

The Lord continued to draw me closer to Him and I became more involved leading Bible studies, prayer groups, Sabbath school and started giving a few sermons. In 2005 I started attending the lay pastor program in Wisconsin. It was a blessing to me to learn how to be a better servant to effectively minister to those around me. In the fall of 2007, God impressed me while I was building a house for one of my customers that God had a better and more important
work for me to do than building houses. That night I enrolled in the Theology department at Andrews University so I could enter full time ministry.

Upon completing my undergraduate degree in the spring of 2011, God opened the door for me to come back to Wisconsin to serve as an associate pastor in the Milwaukee area. After serving for almost two years, I was given a two church district to pastor and God continues to bless and multiply my ministry. I am so excited that I have the privilege of shepherding part of God’s flock.

Passions in ministry
I believe that one of the most important things that a pastor can do is to train and equip members for ministry (Eph 4:11-13). I have also noticed that members feel most ministered to when they are involved in ministry and have the opportunities to share how God is moving in their lives. It is fun to partner with members individually to see where they are at spiritually and what their passions are so we can help them to grow in Christ to minister where God is leading them. I have seen God transform many lives at the three churches that I have had the privilege of serving in thus far. One on one work is important, but it is important to work with groups of people at the same time whether teaching how to dig deeper in the Bible or trainings on different topics of ministry.

I am grateful that I am now able to co-teach the lay pastor program so that I can share what I have learned and experienced so people across the state of Wisconsin are better equipped for ministry. It excites me to see how God is moving them and what is accomplished in His name!

I am also passionate about sharing the Gospel! I love giving personal Bible studies as well as conducting evangelistic series. To see God move in people lives is one of the most exciting things to me. I love seeing how lives are transformed in Jesus as we uncover Bible truths that not only affect their mind, but their hearts. It is exciting to see people when learning about God have victory over destructive habits and more importantly, make eternal decisions.

It brings joy to my heart and excitement that energizes me to continue in this awesome work. I like bringing others with me as I study with people so they can experience the same thing and do it themselves.

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