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God Answers Student's Prayer in a Big Way
By Greg Edge

Sophomores Abby Fox and Kristin Zeismer pray for God’s blessing on the mission project to the Philippines. 


Ask God for big things. He is ready and willing to answer our prayers.” It’s a message repeated again and again by teachers and staff and recently, one student decided to do just that. 


“I really don’t know exactly when I started praying,” said sophomore Abby Fox, who plans to be part of the mission project to the Philippines this spring, “but I started praying for money to build the church in the Philippines.” This was in addition to the money she was trying to raise for her own airfare. “I just felt like I should ask God to send a donation of ten thousand dollars.” And so, with a few other girls, Abby began praying for $10,000. The teachers began praying too that God would honor her bold request and not let her down. 


Abby asked that when principal Roger Dunder began calling donors, he would tell her so she and the girls could be praying. “I was on my second or third call with potential donors,” says Dunder, “and I suggested they give maybe two or three thousand dollars. But the donor said, ‘No. I can’t give two or three thousand. It has to be ten thousand.  For the past 3 weeks the number ten thousand keeps popping in my head. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, but I feel I must give ten thousand.


Tears began to flow as the realization of what God had done sunk in. As the news spread like wildfire through the girls’ dorm and across the campus, shouts of joy rang out and prayers of thanksgiving ascended to our Almighty God who still answers prayers!  


Let’s take the advice of early missionary William Carey: “Expect great things of God Attempt great things for God.”

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