Watertown Church Recognizes the Adventurer Advantage

Watertown Church Recognizes the Adventurer Advantage

Why start an Adventure Club? Isn’t life busy enough? Sara Mertins, Adventurer Club director for the Watertown Church, believes the advantages of having an Adventurer Club are worth all the effort. “I really feel we need to be doing things together outside of church time,” said Sara. “Getting together and building relationships with other church people during the week is really important. With Adventurers, we are doing something that is church related and fun. Kids need to know church things can be fun.”

Watertown is a small church, and Sara teaches a combined Sabbath School for the children each week. Several years ago when looking for more nature and character building activities to add to her program, Sara discovered the Adventurer Club curriculum. She began incorporating select nature and Bible activities along with some Adventurer Awards. The children loved it! After a year Sara began holding regular club meetings one day a week in her home. “The children are eager to attend club meetings to play together and work on projects,” said Sara. “They look forward to it and have developed a sense of camaraderie and community, which we all need to foster.”

Throughout the year Adventurers complete Bible lessons, memorize Scripture verses, visit shut-ins, help people with projects, and many other activities designed to develop social skills and turn their hearts toward others and Jesus. During the summer months the six-member Adventurer Club and eight member Pathfinder Club join together for weekly activities such as rafting down a river, going on a bike ride, playing softball, visiting a museum, swimming in a lake, skiing, camping, and plans are made to visit an alpaca farm. These activities allow the children to socialize with like-minded people outside of church time. Every second Sabbath of the month, Adventurers, along with Pathfinders, wear their uniforms and help lead out in the church service.

The Adventurer advantage is being felt in Watertown with a strengthened sense of church community and positive parent/child relationships. The children’s thoughts, motives, dispositions, and attitudes, are maturing, and they are enjoying positive experiences with other children as they express their love for Jesus in a natural way.

Adventurer ministry serves children ages 4-9 with six class levels: Little Lambs (age 4), Eager Beavers (age 5), Busy Bees (age 6), Sunbeam (age 7), Builders (age 8) , and Helping Hands (age 9). If you are interested in learning more of how an Adventurer Club might benefit your church family, click on the button below and explore the Adventurer Club website, and contact Eric Chavez, youth director for the Wisconsin Conference.

Juanita Edge, Communication Director