Summer Camp Evangelism Program at Camp Wakonda


This summer, Wakonda is excited to present “Set Apart,” a Summer Camp program that aims to empower young people with the knowledge that God has a plan for their lives and that He wants to use them for great things.

The theme song for the summer, written by Pastor Zack Payne, will have kids singing “I’ll boldly stand when no one else will, because I am set apart.”

Veteran Programs Director, Genna Prouty, is returning with another week-long evening program, this time focused on the life of Queen Esther. Through the story of Esther, campers will learn that we don’t need to fear, but that we can put our trust in God, and He will help us overcome insurmountable odds. The morning skits will focus on the life of the Apostle Peter, with a focus on overcoming negative self-image and embracing the call to ministry that Jesus has for every young person.

As always, classes and activities—overseen up by our Activities Director, Fred Siebold—will bring education and exciting experiences during the day, and they will be infused with the “set apart” ethos. The climax of the week will come Friday night, when the program will focus on the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and our counseling team—led by Boys’ and Girls’ Directors, Jonathan Logan and Hannah Ashley—will encourage their campers to make decisions for Christ.

Additionally: inspiring, biblical messages will be brought every morning and evening by our experienced team of Wisconsin Conference Pastors, and a brand-new Bible will be given to each camper who does not already have one.

We can’t wait for our campers to experience the summer of camp evangelism we have planned, and we look forward to sharing the “set apart” message with all who attend Camp Wakonda.

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