Summer Camp Begins with Equine Camp

Summer Camp Begins with Equine Camp

Camp meeting has just ended and we are already busy and hard at work for the summer!

We have officially begun Equine Camp for our first year! So far, our 10 young ladies who registered are off to a great start! The initial day began at noon with registration and then to a yummy lunch before the first trip to the horse barn! Each of our campers were so excited to get out to see our great big furry friends! The day was filled with learning horse safety, terminology, and most importantly picking your very own horse and learning each horses name! The day ended with music, worship and stories around a camp fire. This morning the day began at 6:00 am with feeding and cleaning stalls at the horse barn! As gross as it may sound, these young ladies are loving all the quality time with our gentle giants!

We are so excited to begin our new year of camp and I personally ask that you keep our staff and each camper in your prayers that the Lord will be seen in all that we do!

Pastor Eric, Youth Director

Photo’s by Anthony Isensee