Equestrian Camp: New for Wakonda Summer Camp 2019!

Equestrian Camp: New for Wakonda Summer Camp 2019!

Happy New Year campers.. or wait…is it already almost February?!? Uh oh! You know what that means right? Summer camp is only four moths away!! (Insert scream of excitement here) AHHHHHHH! I am so excited about this coming 2019 summer camp season! We have great plans in store and some amazing staff returning to share Jesus with you!

Our theme this year is “Confident in Christ,” and we are so excited and “Confident” about what Jesus is going to do! We have a few new programs this year that we are looking forward to, but our most exciting edition is our Equestrian Camp! This is a pilot program that we are going to try this year to determine the demand and sharpen our program for the years to come!

Equestrian camp will operate from June 25-June 30, 2019. This program will cost $200 per camper and will be limited to 10 young people ages 12-17. So the questions you need to ask yourself are, do you love horses? Do you enjoy being outside? Do you love camp? And finally do you enjoy hanging out with friends? If you said yes to any one of these questions then you will want to come to Equestrian Camp!

Your day will begin like any day at camp, in cabin worship with your friends and counselor! You will then proceed to breakfast, and then to the world famous Wakonda horse barn where you will be greeted by 18 beautiful horses and begin your day with a short time spent learning how Jesus loves us through you guessed it…horses! You will then move onto learning, sharing, and caring for our horses. You will learn basic anatomy, health, diet, personality traits, and many more Horse things! We have a great staff that is ready and excited about sharing all their many years and knowledge about these gentle giants! Along with our equestrian program we will still be offering all the other great camp activities such as Rock wall, Zip line, Boats, Swimming, Archery, Ceramics, Crafts, Camp Store, Gymnastics, RC, Photography, and much more! Don’t miss out!

Registration begins February 15 for Wisconsin SDA church members and March 1 for all others wanting to come! We also have two scholarship programs available through our, “Passport of Savings” booklet, and “Worthy Camper” funded by many generous donors that give each year! At Camp Wakonda no camper will ever be turned away from an experience with Jesus at camp because of money! So make your plans today!

If you have more questions, go online at www.wakonda.org, or feel free to call me, the Youth Director, Pastor Eric @ (806) 341-2005 to learn more about our 2019 program.

We look forward to seeing you at camp!

Eric Chavez, Youth Director

Camp Dates:

Equestrian Camp: June 25th– 30th, 2019 ($200 per camper)

Blind Camp: June 26th– 30th, 2019 (Free for anyone legally blind)

Junior Camp: June 30th-July 7th, 2019 ($285 per camper)

Tween Camp: July 7th– 14th, 2019 ($285 per camper)

Teen Camp: July 14th– 21st, 2019 ($285 per camper)

Family Camp1: July 21st– 28th, 2019 ($285 per camper 18+, $50 per camper ages 4-18)

Family Camp2: July 28th– August 4th, 2019 ($285 per camper 18+, $50 per camper ages 4-18)