Help Build New Cabins at Camp Wakonda

Help Build New Cabins at Camp Wakonda

Brrrr! I think Winter decided to show up this last week! With lots of snow and clouds around, it makes me long for the warmth and green that summer brings! However, until then we have lots to do and look forward to! Winter Fest, Pathfinder Winter Retreat, Summer Camp Recruiting, Lake Union Youth Congress, and many more events that we hope you can join us for! Do not hesitate to contact us for more info!

The one thing that we are really looking forward to though is summer camp!! Who doesn’t love waking up to the beauty of Camp Wakonda and knowing that a fun day is on the horizon? Over the last three summers that I have been here, we have seen great growth! That growth comes from many years, and previous Wisconsin Youth Directors dedication to offering the best program we can! With the growth that we have seen we have been continually blown away by how God is leading this camp and youth program!

The last few years we have run into a problem that we need your help with! We have had to turn young people away every year because we do not have enough room! We have been in contact with several construction companies and have been told that we have many options that are fairly affordable in building new cabins for our overall program!

Our goal is to build 2-4 new cabins that house/sleep up to 12. If we were able to build these, that gives us the potential to share Jesus with 24-48 more young people each week of camp, effecting 72-144 each summer! God has been so good to give us such a beautiful camp and we want to do our absolute best to continue to serve Him with all that we have! If you are interested in helping with this project in some way, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details! (806) 341-2005 call or text.

Without our children and young people, heaven will be empty! Let’s do our best today to make sure that we are all there!

Merry Christmas and many blessings!

Pastor Eric, Youth Director