Greetings Wisconsin and Friends! 

Greetings Wisconsin and Friends! 

We are busy as a bee going from flower to flower gathering pollen! Just a heads up on what’s going on in the Youth Department.

– Pathfinder Bible Experience, PBE, is coming up very soon! We have Conference level testing on March 2, 2019, Union level testing March 16, 2019, and Division level testing April 27, 2019! Contact us for more details and check the website!

– Pathfinder Fair we have Rich “The Mud Guy” Agulara coming as our main speaker! We have our drill and drumming competition, and many more activities going on! We are so excited about or Pathfinder year!

– Summer Camp is fast approaching! We are so excited about our new horse program, Equestrian Camp. We only have 10 spots for this program as horses are limited. Registration will open back up on March 1, 2019 @9am and there are only five spots left for it, so please be patient and know we are doing our best to grow this, but are piloting the program this year. Call (715) 544-8008 for more information. When you register there is an online waiting list.

-Summer Camp Staff. We are in the hiring season so if you know a young person who is interested in working at summer camp have them apply asap.

-Oshkosh International Camporee 2019. We are so blessed to host the largest campout in the world, 55,000 people!! With this event and privilege comes great need for volunteers, programs, and funds! If you can help with any of these things contact Pastor Eric @(806)341-2005.

– Public Campus Ministries, If you are interested in joining a club contact Rob or Jackie Mosher (608)218-3307 to get connected!

If you have any questions or want to get involved in the Wisconsin Conference Youth Department ministry do not hesitate to contact me on how and where you can serve!!

We are here for you in serving our amazing Savior!

Pastor Eric Chavez, Youth Director