Eric Chavez Accepts New Role

Eric Chavez Accepts New Role

Isaiah chapter 6 tells of the Lord looking for someone to go on a great journey to reach his children and bring them back to the goodness of Him. Isaiah speaks up when he hears the plea and offers to go where the Lord needs, and this is what we did 11 years ago. We heard the voice of the Lord calling us to leave Texas and go to six countries, 47 different states, meet hundreds of new people, build relationships that will outlast this earth, and most importantly share Jesus with young and old.

It is now bittersweet as Shanna and I are hearing the Lord call us back to Texas to serve Him in a new capacity. We are not leaving ministry, but redefining the ministry that He has in store for us. I have decided to go back into Civil Engineering, and as of March 31, step away from fulltime ministry employment for a little while. I say “a little while” because you never know what the Lord has in store for the future. With as much as I love what I do here in the beautiful snowy state of Wisconsin, I need to slow down and focus on some health issues that I have experienced due to a busy schedule and the high demand of ministry.

I want to be very clear, we are not leaving with any bitterness, hostility, or frustration with anyone, or the institution of the church. We are 100% redefining what the Lord is calling us to do in His service. We love young people, we love working in the church, and most of all we are fully sold out to sharing how good our God is. So it is not goodbye, but see you later! Whether that later is on this earth or in heaven, we will forever remember the good times we had serving in the Wisconsin Youth Department.

I know the Lord has someone in store for the next chapter of the Youth Ministry in Wisconsin and I look forward to the new energy, life, creativity, and love for Jesus that they will bring to the ministry and young people that I love!

If you would like to chat more feel free to contact us, we are always here to be a blessing and support you in any way possible!

-Pastor Eric, Youth Director