Camp Wakonda: My Favorite Choice

Camp Wakonda: My Favorite Choice

I remember when I was a kid summer was a time that I longed for, I could not wait for long days of no school, playing football with my friends in the front yard, riding my bike all over my neighborhood, and sleeping in. My summer days were filled with being outside! It is a studied and proven fact that most young people spend less than three hours a day outside. We have a solution to this!

Take your dog for a walk with your family

Plant some flowers, or start a family garden

Visit a National Park or Zoo near you

Or my favorite, send your child to Camp Wakonda!

Yes, my favorite is summer camp! Had I known about summer camp as a kid and been able to afford it ,that would have been my first choice! Camp Wakonda has some amazing friends and partners in ministry that have gifted many things, lots of time, money, and prayers to make it what it is today!

Last year our newest installment was the zip line and it’s a big hit! We have the longest single point zip line in all of Wisconsin at 324′! This year our newest addition is our Equestrian Camp. This is our pilot program year and we are very excited to evaluate its success and build more programs like this for the years to come. We only had 10 spots this year because our horses are limited and we want to determine the best plan for success in the years to come!

We also are running low on spaces for campers so don’t wait!

Equine Camp is full!! (All Girls!)

Blind Camp is still accepting applicants, 10 spots left! $25 per camper!

Junior Camp is almost full!!

Tween Camp, Girls are full! Boys almost full!

Teen Camp is almost full!

Family Camp 1 is almost full!

Family Camp 2 is full and now starting a waiting list!

If you have any questions about camp do not hesitate to contact us for more info!

Click here for a Camp Savings Passbook!

Click here for the Summer Camp Booklet!

Click here to visit the Website!

See you at summer camp!

Pastor Eric Chavez, Youth Director