A New Years View

A New Years View

What comes to mind when you think of New Year’s Eve and Day? As a child I used to be so excited by it! I would look forward to staying up all night and watching the ball drop on whatever television station it comes on, eating junk food that my mom only let me eat on that night, having friends or cousins stay the night…the list of exciting things could go on and on. Now as an adult, I don’t think I have stayed up to watch the ball drop in a really long time. I find myself being what is called by many young people as being “old!” Oh no! When did that happen! Being an early riser, a late night for me is 10:30 pm;11:00 pm if I’m feeling real crazy!

With all that said, what comes to your mind when you think of the new year? I know this year while it has been anything but easy mentally, I can look back on many good things and new things that, given the current turmoil, may not have happened! I see an opportunity to be home a little more and not on the road or in hotel rooms most nights! I see how I have been able to connect with young people on a new platform and online a lot more than I used to. I see a camp that has been able to take a “Sabbath” of sorts and get a major facelift that was needed! I see a new camp program created that has a greater local impact it did not used to have. I see time with family as being much more important than I used to. And lastly, I see that I have had more time to study my Bible, and fall more in love with a God who loves me beyond all worldly measure! While this year has been far from amazing, it has been far from bad as well!

As a child, a year used to take so long, and now as an adult, a year isn’t long enough! I want to encourage you to look back on your life and try to remember how you used to view new year’s. What did you look forward to? What did you think the new year would be like? What excited you? What gave you childlike wonder?

We have young people still with that mindset! We have young people that have a lot of life to live, and we want those young people to see Jesus in us so that they can show Him to other young people that they impact.

As of now we are planning all events as usual, with certain guidelines still being followed, and number’s slightly reduced. If you have any questions about things that we are doing in the youth department, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to be a blessing and share Jesus in every way that we can!

Eric Chavez, Youth Director