90 Gather at Camp Wakonda for Annual WinterFestaPalooza

90 Gather at Camp Wakonda for Annual WinterFestaPalooza

Originally posted on the Wakonda Facebook page (link HERE) on January 17, 2023.

This past weekend, a group of 90 youth, young adults, and young families gathered at Camp Wakonda for our annual WinterFestaPalooza ski retreat. As always, a large group from Illinois joined us, as well as several from Michigan, a few from Indiana, and even some from outside of the Lake Union area.

Pastor Joseph Capeles gave his testimony and spoke powerful messages of God’s grace and desire to work through us, even amidst our failures. On Sunday, many enjoyed skiing at Granite Peak, while Camp Wakonda Summer Camp staff enjoyed a scavenger hunt in the Dells. This event continues to serve as a fun way to kick off a new year of youth programming and fellowship, Summer Camp recruiting, and chasing away the winter blues during the coldest part of the season.

Zack Payne, Youth Director

📸 Photo Credits: Becca Cordwell