Wisconsin Academy: Relationships God’s Way

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This last weekend, the ladies of the Wisconsin Academy women’s dorm  were blessed with a “Relationships God’s Way” workshop presented by Mrs. Rebecca Lawrence. Friday evening and throughout the day on Sabbath, they learned about how a relationship with Jesus transforms our lives and how He should be involved in all of our relationships.

The presentations included a variety of learning activities. For example, after one module, the ladies held their arms out and wiggled their fingers (a kinesthetic learning reinforcement) while they talked about 3 things they had just learned. Later on, they filled out self assessments so that they could really think about who they are, what strengths they have to offer, and what type of personality might be a good match for them

The grand finale was when Mrs. Lawrence read an allegory she had written. The allegory compared each lady to a beautiful crystal vase that is protected and cherished.  The family goes to great pains to keep the vase from falling and becoming chipped or broken and glued back together.  The sunlight shines beautifully through the vase, and other admire the clarity and beauty of the vase.  The allegory made several other points, but the overall message was that they are precious, loved, and carefully protected, but now they need to decide what they will do with their “vase” because the choice is theirs. The ladies were dumbfounded when they were told that they would each receive a gorgeous crystal vase that would remind them of the weekend, but also of their beauty and value.

Thank-you so much, Mrs. Lawrence, for coming and sharing with the ladies this weekend!

Thank you also to Mrs. Lawrence and Mrs. Blumenschein for contributing to this article, including the pictures.

Greg Edge, Wisconsin Academy Bible Teacher