First Week of “Wakonda on Wheels” Day Camp

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What a day!! Why is it such an odd day you ask?

Today was day 1 of a 6-week tour with our new ministry Wakonda On Wheels! With the COVID-19 Pandemic affecting everything around us this summer we felt it necessary to offer some form of camp program for our young people here in Wisconsin! It was an odd day for sure, but a very positive odd day!

The day began at 8:00 am. We, as a small 6-person staff, met at the Green Bay SDA Church for our morning time of prayer, devotion, reflection, and vision casting for our day. We sat in a circle not as co-workers, but as a group of people who love Jesus and want everyone to know Him! We are a family, and If you have ever worked at camp you will know just exactly what I mean! As we had our time of devotion, we reflected on some of the things that have happened lately in our world, and how it causes great anxiety and stress to an already hectic and stressful life. However, we were quickly able to bring the good that Jesus has done for us into light and encourage one another…. And yes all this happened before the campers even arrived!

Once the campers started arriving the excitement began to build as we met the young people we were going to hang out with all week long! Our day started with devotion, silly camp songs, and prayer, then off to the races! Literally! We started our activities with Remote Control Cars, and Archery! Soon after that the rain came we moved inside, however, that didn’t hinder our day! We then played group relay games, had a yummy lunch, followed by Slime Making, Tie-Dye Shirt Making, Dodge Ball, and lastly Model Rocket Building! The day was anything short of fun around every corner. We then ended our day reflecting on our favorite Bible stories, and how we see Jesus has worked in our lives!

One young person shared that they have been very frustrated with life lately, but have seen how God used this time of pandemic to show that he has a great family, home, and friends that bring real happiness. Another shared how without the pandemic they never would have been able to experience camp like this.

All of this happened on day #1 of Camp WOW (Wakonda On Wheels)!! With the day in the record books as I sit back and reflect, I am encouraged that the Lord has given us this opportunity and the means to provide something for campers even though it’s not at Camp Wakonda.

If you are interested in helping with this endeavor please contact me, Pastor Eric! We are looking for financial assistance for our program to the churches for  supplies and many other things as we are on this 6-week Camp on Wheels Journey!

You can reach me by phone call or text at (806)341-2005.


Eric Chavez, Youth Director

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