Women’s Empowerment Weekend A Huge Blessing

Women’s Empowerment Weekend A Huge Blessing

Women’s Ministry Empowerment Weekend with the theme Overcoming Obstacles, Triumphing Through Christ, occurred April 16-18, 2021.

This was presented in a new format in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing. We decided to present our speaker, Dr. Susan Doran, sister of Mark Finley, not only in person but on Zoom as well.

Thank you to Dr. Sandra Doran for being willing to be used by the Holy Spirit. She was awesome, and all who participated were blessed.

Thank you to Allison Payne and Pastor Zachary Payne for the use of their wisdom and handling the technology and for their expertise in producing and recording the sessions using the Zoom format.

Thank you to Robert Egger for being the expert third pair of eyes and ears for the Zoom programming to give feedback on the reception and presentation of the Empowerment Weekend as it was happening.

Thank you Leny Plank, the Food Service Director at Wisconsin Academy, for providing delicious meals for the team on Sabbath.

We were blessed to have a beautiful awesome sign which was the backdrop for the weekend thanks to the talented and artistic ex-officio women’s committee member Deidra Roat.

Thank you to the ladies of the Wisconsin Women’s Ministry Committee who were involved in making the Empowerment Weekend a success and introducing each session,

Thank yous go to: Carrie Veldman for leading out; Nadine Thomas for the music selections; Deborah Egger instructing us with Bible marking, Celia Patchett for her demonstration of using the Air Fryer and the Insta-Pot to produce a delicious healthy meal.

Thank you to Laurella Case for keeping a tally of the ladies who registered and for her plan to set up online registration for future retreats.

I am thankful to God for directing this past Empowerment Weekend and abundantly blessing all who attended.

If you registered for the Empowerment Weekend, 2021, you can request a DVD or an USB drive at no additional cost.

If you would like to see what you missed and if you would like to be empowered and receive the blessings that other ladies experienced and learn how to overcome obstacles and triumph in Jesus Christ. You can purchase a DVD or a USB drive. The cost is $25.

Please register and mail your order form the Wisconsin Conference of SDA.

May God continue to bless you, and may we be ready for when Jesus comes again.

Patricia Antoine-Norton, Women’s Ministries Coordinator