Sunday, March 3: Wisconsin Conference Pastors Israel Trip

Sunday, March 3: Wisconsin Conference Pastors Israel Trip

We woke up this morning surrounded by a desert botanical garden amid the arid orange rock mountains overlooking the Dead Sea. After breakfast, we headed to Masada and rode a gondola up the mountain to amazing sights and information about Herod’s rock hewn palace which later provided a respite hiding place for Zealot Jews, and following that it became a monastery. The place had mazing architectural beauty with ingenious water and food storage.

Next, we experienced the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea, swimming, floating, and applying the natural mud packs which are world renown for their healing benefits.

The bus then took us for a brief stop along the Jordon River on our way to Jericho, which claims to be the oldest civilized city in the world. We visited the old city archeological site which overlooked new Jericho, and sat by the water spring made fresh by Elijah adding salt. II Kings 2:19.

This evening we are settling to rest in Tiberias by the Sea of Galilee.

Juanita Ege, Communication Director