President’s Perspective: Northern Lights

President’s Perspective: Northern Lights

I have been privileged to see the northern lights on a couple occasions in my life. The grandeur of the celestial display that crosses the night sky has fascinated watchers for centuries. Some people will travel great distances to get a chance to see this dim, but spectacular phenomenon.

The darker the night, the greater will be the display. Likewise, in the spiritual realm, the darker the world, the greater will be the contrast between those who are followers of God, and those who are not.

We are living in a troubled time; a time of increasing darkness. Millions are becoming more bold in flaunting their opposition to the great principles of love, care, and compassion revealed in Scripture. The voices of anarchy, violence, and intolerance dominate our news. Men and women are revealing what happens to people who turn their backs away from God and serve themselves.

You and I are called to be lights in this increasing darkness. We are called to portray the love of Jesus in clear and winning ways. We are called to represent Jesus in a way that will be unmistakable and appealing. We are called to be different. Different from the world, but like Jesus.

The integrity of our words and actions, the kindness and respect that we give everyone, the listening ear and caring heart to even the least deserving, will shine in this dark world. As we spend time with Jesus we will become more like Him. As we are more like Him we are more different from the world, and the contrast will be seen.

I desire, and encourage you to spend more time with Jesus, become like Him, and indeed be a light for Him today.

Mike Edge, Wisconsin Conference President