Indiana ABC to Serve the Lake Union With Closing of Michigan ABC

Indiana ABC to Serve the Lake Union With Closing of Michigan ABC

With the recent closing of the Michigan Adventist Book Center (ABC), Sabbath School coordinators and superintendents, as well as other church leaders, may wonder what will happen to their standing orders, and/or where to go for printed materials, such as periodicals, and other ABC resources. Thankfully, the Indiana ABC in Cicero, Indiana, has agreed to continue to serve the Lake Union under the auspices of the Indiana Conference. The Indiana ABC may be reached by calling their direct line at (317) 984-5393 (preferred) or their nation-wide toll free number: (800) 765-6955. You may also reach the ABC online at, where some orders may qualify for free shipping.

Michigan Conference is transferring all standing orders for periodicals to the Indiana ABC, and there should be no interruption to your Sabbath School quarterlies and periodicals during this transition. However, Pacific Press has had some delays in their printing schedules, and at times there have been some delays in shipments originating from Pacific Press. In such instances, direct all inquiries to the Indiana ABC.

For churches using My Bible First or Young Disciple, these standing orders are also being transferred to Indiana. Treasurers, please pay close attention to the remittance addresses on the statements coming from the ABCs. During this transition you may receive a statement from both Michigan ABC and Indiana ABC. Please remit the appropriate payment to the correct ABC as it will help them in their accounting..

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Address: 24845 State Rte 19, Cicero, IN 46034
Phone: (317) 984-5393

Thursday 9:30AM–5:30PM
Friday 9AM–1PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday 12–3PM
Monday 9:30AM–5:30PM
Tuesday 9:30AM–5:30PM
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