Executive Committee Report August 24, 2022

Executive Committee Report August 24, 2022

The August 24 Executive Committee meeting opened with a short devotional thought by Ministerial Director, Adam Case. The use of the new monitor and microphone system allowed those attending via Zoom to be seen and able to hear the discussion more easily.

In addition to voting to approve each departmental report and the Wisconsin Academy report, the committee also voted to approve the following:

  • The forming of the Wisconsin Hmong Seventh-day Adventist Company
  • Baptism/membership transfers
  • The agenda for the 39th Constituency Session coming up in October
  • The July, 2022 Financial Statement
  • Accept the bid of $15,845 to replace the roof on the Red Pine Lodge at Camp Wakonda
  • An after school program for the Milwaukee School, North Campus
  • Rodney Hahn as the NAD Executive Committee representative from the Wisconsin Conference
  • A retirement allowance for an employee

The committee also also voted to approve the Camp Facilities Management Committee’s recommendation to move forward with the building of a permanent structure for the Primary division and at least one other division on our camp meeting grounds at Camp Wakonda. The proposal included an offer from the conference to match dollar for dollar the money that is raised for this project using funds from a previous donation toward camp buildings for the matching. Also included in this vote is approval to move ahead with getting an estimate for the renovation of the medical/store building on the camp grounds. The goal for completing these projects is within the next three years as funds become available.

The next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for September 28, 2022 at 9:30am.


Laurella Case, Communication Coordinator