Executive Committee Meets In-Person First Time Since Covid

Executive Committee Meets In-Person First Time Since Covid

The morning of August 25 Executive Committee members from across Wisconsin convened for their first in-person meeting since COVID-19 began. Ex officio member Carmelo Mercado, General Vice-President for Lake Union, opened the meeting with a meaningful devotional thought on the Biblical story of the woman at the well.

Conference President Titus Naftanaila, chairman of the committee, shared his report with a slide show highlighting various ministry activities happening across our conference, and outlining some broad-based visionary goals.

Then Executive Secretary/Treasurer Brian Stephan presented a financial report indicating a 10.3% tithe increase from last year. Taking out the special gift from last year’s comparison, tithe had about a 14% gain. Overall, he reported a stronger financial position than last year.

Ministerial Director Adam Case noted we currently have 26 employed pastors with their average age being 44.9, and the average district has 3 1/3 churches per pastor. We also have 7 volunteer lay pastors and 3 Bible workers in our conference. The pastoral team is looking at doing a state-wide evangelism event in 2021.

Wisconsin Academy Principal Rosalee Rasmussen shared they have begun a good school year with an initial enrollment of 72 students. Precautionary COVID measures are being taken. She also shared some stirring student stories of what Jesus can do in a life..

The Executive Committee discussed and voted to:

-Accept Plant and Endowment Fund statements
-Approve funding of a van purchased by Wisconsin Academy
-Approve the Baptism/Membership list
-Approve Wisconsin Conference teacher Tiffany Meulemans to serve on the Board of Education
-Welcome Yin Schaff as the new Health Ministries Coordinator for our conference
-Approve John Ramsey to serve on the Finance Committee
-Accept the retirements of Richard Bergeson, Lester Carney III, Karen Kind, Kenneth Smith, and Willyta Wamack

To learn more about who comprises the Executive Committee here in Wisconsin, and what their responsibilities are, click HERE.

Reporting and photos by:
Wisconsin Conference Communication Department