Cross-Connect Video: Third Conference Initiative

The Mission of the Wisconsin Conference is to grow passionate disciples of Jesus prepared for Christ’s soon coming. This mission includes four Initiatives: Church Connect, Education Connect, Community Connect and Cross connect. Our third video report highlights Cross-Connect.

Cross-Connect is the Wisconsin Conference initiative for integrated discipleship. The focus of the initiative is to call and develop every member – from birth to old age – to an active, growing, disciple of Jesus, and a center of influence for the kingdom of heaven.

What is the Goal:

The goal of Cross-Connect initiative is to connect ministries in building up individuals, homes, schools, and communities, in relationship with Christ. More specifically, the goal of the initiative is to:

1. Connect people cross-generationally to provide mentoring that will facilitate members of all ages to more effectively reach out into their communities.

2. Increase engagement among all members, ministry leaders, and organizational employees by uniting and integrating ministries, resources, and efforts toward this end.