Caryn Erb Accepts Wisconsin Conference Clerk Position

Caryn Erb Accepts Wisconsin Conference Clerk Position

We welcome Caryn Erb to the Wisconsin office staff as Conference Clerk. Caryn graduated with a BS in Elementary Education from Hartland College. She began her teaching in the Tarr Valley Adventist School in Tomah, Wisconsin, and later taught at Minneapolis Junior Academy, before starting her family. Since 2000 she has been homeschooling her daughters.

An active member of the Monroe Adventist Church, Caryn has served her church in many capacities through the years including cooking schools, communications, Sabbath School leader, Pathfinder staff, church planting, and department director for Beginners at camp meeting.

Caryn and her husband Scott, have five girls, Brinnae, Bethany, Merissa, Megan, and Samantha. Caryn has a passion for Bible study and Sabbath School leadership. She enjoys learning how to cook gluten-free and vegan foods, and also loves sewing, reading, gardening, and canning.

“I am happy to begin working with the Wisconsin Conference and I look forward to serving as Conference Clerk,” says Caryn. She will begin her employment January 1, 2021.

Juanita Edge, Communication Director