Prophecy Countdown: Involving All Ages

Prophecy Countdown: Involving All Ages

The Wautoma Seventh-day Adventist Church is a small church with around twenty-five members. Their experience leading up to the “Prophecy Countdown” series was like many other churches across the Wisconsin Conference. There were advertisement flyers that were printed and mailed out. Many of these flyers were also passed out by hand to friends and family members. Many prayers were offered and excitement was high. They were ready for night one.

On the first night, the church had nineteen guests from the community. Everyone present showed lots of enthusiasm for the message of Daniel chapter two and the realization that Jesus is coming soon.

The church had been told that in most prophecy series, night number one was usually the biggest turnout and to expect a significant drop-off in attendance the second night. They were not discouraged by this news but just kept pressing forward in prayer.

Night number two of the series began and they were very excited to realize that the attendance did not go down at all, but instead went up. Twenty-one guests of the community listened to Pastor Tom Michalski discuss the Great Controversy. The enthusiasm from all of the guests and members alike ran very high that night.

On the successive nights of the presentation, the number of guests did come down a little bit as the series progressed, but the enthusiasm for digging into the Bible each night and the excitement about Jesus’ soon return kept people coming back.

Night after night, church members of all ages were involved mingling with the community and sharing the love of Jesus. The youngest three-year-old missionary passed out tracts and Bible studies. The most experienced among us, made lasting friendships with the guests.

The community around Wautoma sees the signs of the times all around and has a thirst for Bible truth.

God is blessing the Wautoma church as we press forward by faith and continue sharing the Three Angels Messages and the Blessed Hope that Jesus is about to come back.

Eric Anderson, Wautoma Church Lay Pastor