President’s Perspective: Why Only Three Strikes?

The passage of 2 Kings 13:14-19 describes how Joash, the king of Israel, responded when Elisha, the prophet of the Lord, was dying. He was not lamenting his loss because Elisha was a faithful servant and a role model for all but because he was a warrant of God’s protection and prosperity for the entire kingdom.

Interestingly enough, Joash used the same expression Elisha mentioned when his master, Elijah, was taken to heaven: “O my father, my father, the chariots of Israel and their horsemen!”

Knowing the immediate context, Joash “did evil in the sight of the Lord” (2 Kings 13:11) but wanted to have someone to provide safety and God’s blessings to the nation. He did not want to follow God’s instructions for the kings to succeed; he wanted just the benefits without any personal commitment.

Despite that, we witness Elisha’s patriotism. He took the time to instruct and mentor the king. He even touched Joash’s hand while he took the bow and arrows as the symbol of the human instrument for deliverance. When he limited his strikes to three, Elisha got angry and admonished him for his superficiality and lack of vision. He wanted to do the minimum possible for the maximum of benefits.

How many arrows are you willing to strike? What are your faith and expectations about your life and ministry?

The victory consists of vision, attitude, and details. Let’s not be content with minimum effort or little faith. God predestined us for more remarkable achievements in His name.

Titus Naftanaila, President