President’s Perspective: It’s Personal

Over the past few weeks Juanita and I have gotten to know Brian, Kathleen Traci, and Mary. They may not be members of the Seventh-day Adventist church, but they ministered to us in profound ways. What do they have in common? They all wear scrubs. They were men and women who did far more than hand out pills and give shots. They were people who took time to listen; took time to share a little bit of their own personal struggles, to bring encouragement and healing.

As I watched these caring people I thought of our church. Our congregations spread out across Wisconsin are designed to be hospitals for the hurting. Places where people who are in need can come to be introduced to the Great Healer and receive healing. As at a hospital our churches have protocols; sermons, programs, etc. that we do for people. But it is the personal touch that makes the most impact. It is our intentional taking of time to attentively listen to the interesting, as well as the uninteresting. It is our giving of self, even when it is inconvenient, that makes lasting impacts. I believe we often underestimate the power that a kind word has on a hurting heart. Our thoughtfulness even briefly extended, can be a real bright spot in the life of a person whose life seems filled with shadows. And all too often a smiling face masks a hurting heart, in need of encouragement.

While you may not wear scrubs, you too can bring healing to a hurting heart, by your thoughtfulness. An encouraging card, an email, phone call, text, or conversation, can make someone’s day better because you took time to care. Ask God to help you bring joy to someone today.

Mike Edge, President